What can I do if my employer is not applying for my work permit?

What can I do if my employer is not applying for my work permit?

It is obligatory for a foreigner to work in Turkey to obtain a work permit before starting to work. Work permit application is made by the employer who wants to employ the foreigner via e-state.

In this context, Persons Under Temporary Protection in Turkey, International Protection Applicants and International Protection Status Holders must also have a work permit card evidencing that they are approved to work in that workplace before starting a work.

If you are working informally as a foreigner in Turkey, you can submit your notices and complaints by contacting with the following complaint channels:

  • You can call the Family, Labor and Social Services Communication Center “ALO 170”.
  • You can submit your complaints to the nearest Provincial Social Security Directorate or Social Security Center.
  • You can write your complaint to CIMER that is the Presidential Communication Center.

You must share your identity information during complaints made in these ways, however, this information is never shared with employers or third parties. After your complaints are registered, the necessary inspections and examinations are carried out by the Social Security Institution in a very short time period.