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MUDEM's Worker Support Center provides services for social, legal and workplace abuses to garment workers.

Legal Assistance

Contact us for legal advice! The MUDEM Worker Support Center provides legal advice and support to garment workers that have experienced abuse in their workplace.


Contact us to learn about your rights! The MUDEM Worker Support Center provides rights information to workers in the garment industry in Turkey to prevent and address abuses.

Complaint and Mediator

I had been working in a sewing workshop with 4 Syrian and 5 Turkish workers for about 1.5 years. Because our employer abstains Turkish workers,

Everyone Got Their Rights

I have been working in a workshop that has been dealing with plastic mold work for about 5 years without a work permit and as

We survive with our Rights

For six months, I was working with a staff of 30 workers in a relatively large workshop compared to others in the region with work

Penalty and Objection

I was working in a bakery and one day two people came to the workplace suddenly for inspection and asked me to show my Identity

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Announcement About the Provisions of Law on Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 when making Work Permit Application

Work permit applications for foreigners living in Turkey are made by employers who want to employ the foreign person. If you have also agreed to

What can I do if my employer is not applying for my work permit?

It is obligatory for a foreigner to work in Turkey to obtain a work permit before starting to work. Work permit application is made by

What is ALO 170? In what subjects does it serve?

“Working Life Communication Center” ALO 170, it is the communication center where you can get information about the legislation of the Ministry of Labor and