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MUDEM's Worker Support Center provides services for social, legal and workplace abuses to garment workers.

Legal Assistance

Contact us for legal advice! The MUDEM Worker Support Center provides legal advice and support to garment workers that have experienced abuse in their workplace.


Contact us to learn about your rights! The MUDEM Worker Support Center provides rights information to workers in the garment industry in Turkey to prevent and address abuses.

I feel safe now

Since the violence perpetrated by the Taliban has increased in the region we live in, my daughter and I came to Turkey from Afghanistan 2.5

United we stand, united we are strong

I am a worker who makes sewing works in the textile industry. I had been working for a long time in a big factory in

One step closer to my dreams

Hello, I am a young person and a university graduate who studied engineering. I had dreams when I just graduated. I was going to be

How did I get my work permit?

Hello, I am a Syrian woman, mother of two child and a worker in ready-made clothing sector. I came to Turkey with my children because

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Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurial people under temporary protection or international protection that are aged between 18 and 59, and have valid ID documents may attend a program organized

“Mahir Eller” Project

Led by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) in partnership with Turkey Economic Policies Research Foundation (TEPAV), implemented with European Union

ILO-IOM-DGILF Public Employment Services and Basic Life Skills Trainings begin!

The “Job Creation and Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Syrians under Temporary Protection and Host Communities in Turkey” project is implemented in partnership with the International Organization