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Who we are

MUDEM-RSC carries out activities at home and abroad designed to address the challenges faced by asylum-seekers, refugees, immigrants, trafficking victims, international protection applicants and stateless persons.

MUDEM provides free services for social, legal and workplace abuses to garment workers through this web site. 

Contact MUDEM:
Uskup Cad. Çevre Sok. 24/7 Çankaya / ANKARA
E-mail: iscidestek@mudem.org
Website: http://www.mudem.org/

Legal Assistance

Contact us for legal advice! The MUDEM Worker Support Center provides legal advice and support to garment workers that have experienced abuse in their workplace.


Contact us to learn about your rights! The MUDEM Worker Support Center provides rights information to workers in the garment industry in Turkey to prevent and address abuses.

Where we are

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