Refugee Support Center (RSC) supports refugees to access their rights in workplace through legal counseling and rights education.

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Association for Solidarity with Asylum-Seekers and Migrants (ASAM) is a non-profit association, which has been assisting refugees and those under temporary protection with access to basic rights, services, psychological assistance, courses and other activities to help them in Turkey.

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Work Permit

You may find useful information on work permits and answers for frequently asked questions on the Ministry of Labor, Social Services and Family, Directorate of International Labor Force’s website:

Non-Turkish citizens may apply for work permit via:

You may download guidelines for non-Turkish citizen work permit applications via:

You may call Turkish Labor Agency contact line for jobseekers: 444 75 87

Fair Wages

You may find information on salaries and overtime wages on the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Contact line “Alo 170”

Workplace Safety

 »Dangerious Working Conditions

In case of emergency you may call 112 for ambulance, 155 for police.

  • If you think that working environment and conditions is not convenient you may notify the Ministry of Labor, Social Services and Family via call line “Alo 170”
  • You can call Alo 122 of AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Authority)
  • If you think that you might be poisoned you may call National Poisoning Counseling Call Line “Alo 114” and check their web site:

»Health Services

  • International Medical Counseling Line : 444 47 28
  • You may call 182 Hospital Appointment Line to get an medical examination appointment from State Hospitals

Workplace Abuse

»Forced Labor 

  • If you are a survivor of forced labor you may call 155 police line.
  • If you are being forced to worked, please call “Alo 157” Directorate General of Migration Management’s contact center for foreigners.

»Discrimination and Sexual Abuse

  • If you are exposed to discrimination in your workplace, you may report it to the Ministry of Labor, Social Services and Family’s contact center “Alo 170”
  • If you are exposed to sexual abuse in your workplace you may call 155 police line

»Child Labor

  • You may report employers who employed child under 15 years old or you are an employee under 15 years old, please call 155 police line
  • You may also contact with Ministry of Labor, Social Services and Family via their contact line “Alo 183”

Social Benefits

»Union Right

Non-Turkish citizens with work permit have right to become a member of a union and benefit from union rights. There are many labor union for garment sector. DİSK Textile Union, Teksif Union, Öz İplik-İş Union and Deriteks Union are the unions with maximum number of membership.

»Temporary Protection and International Protection

For your questions regarding foreigner’s entrance, residence and leaving Turkey, processes for applying international protection and temporary protection, rights and obligations of foreigners reside in Turkey, you may call 157. For international calls you may call +90 312 157 11 22. Counseling on Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, Persian and Dutch languages is available.

You may also call United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees counseling line 444 48 68.

»Legal Assistance

You may contact with Turkish Bar Association call line 444 26 18 for legal assistance.

After the Bar assignment, you can show your lawyer to call “0312 292 59 59” this is the translation hotline for lawyers, in order to address language barrier.

»Social Assistance

You may get information on assistance and services for family, women, child, people with disability, elder people, martyr’s relatives from the contact line “183” of the Ministry of Labor, Social Services and Family.

The ministry receives complaints of sexual abuse, child abuse and act of violence, honor killing and interfere via provincial emergency squad or law enforcement agencies.

You may get information on salaries of 2022, food aids, cash assistance, coal assistance and conditional educational and medical assistance, widow assistance and other assistance from call line of the Ministry of Labor, Social Services and Family “Alo 144”.

»Problems Regarding Public Officials