Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

“The information below is valid for everyone including Turkish citizens, foreigners, refugees, temporary protection holders, international protection holders, conditional and subsidiary refugee status holders”.

The employer has to ensure the safety and health of workers in every aspect related to the work.

The employer shall fulfill these responsibilities on the basis of the following principles:

  1. Avoiding risks.
  2. Evaluating the risks which cannot be avoided.
  3. Adapting the work to the individual, especially as regards the design of workplaces, the choice of work equipment and the choice of work and production methods, with a view, in particular, to avoiding or minimizing if cannot be avoided, the adverse effects of monotonous work and work at a predetermined work-rate on health and safety.
  4. Replacing the dangerous by the non-dangerous or the less dangerous.

Also, in order to provide occupational health and safety services including activities related to the protection and prevention of occupational risks, the employer shall: designate workers as an occupational safety specialist, occupational physician and other health staff.